Bloomingdale ATM Skimmer SuspectsBloomingdale New Jersey police are trying to identify two suspects accused of using ATM skimmers to steal money from a local bank in December.

According to authorities, the suspects placed ATM skimmers on the ATMs at Lakeland Bank in Bloomingdale, NJ. The skimmers were reportedly in place between December 23 and December 26.

A number of people noticed unauthorized bank withdrawals on their statements and alerted local law enforcement.

Bloomingdale NJ police officers conducted an investigation and learned that similar theft crimes were reported at banks located in Lincoln Park and Jefferson Township, New Jersey. At least 20 people with accounts at the bank in Jefferson reportedly lost their cash.

Bloomingdale New Jersey detectives were able to get video surveillance footage that allegedly showed the suspects in the process of committing the theft crimes.

Anyone with information about the suspects or the alleged bank thefts should contact Bloomingdale detectives at 973-838-0158 or Jefferson NJ detectives at 973-697-1300.

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