Parsippany NJ Car Wheels Theft ChargesParsippany NJ police looked into reports that the wheels had been stolen off several 2014 Honda Accords.

Police officers were first called to a residence on Reservoir Road after a car owner reported that his wheels had been stolen. Not long after that, police received another report of an identical theft occurring at an apartment complex in Troy Hills.

The officers looked into the second theft before handing off the investigation to the Parsippany Police Department Investigative Division.

Remarkably, while the investigative division looked into the theft, police received yet another report of wheels being stolen from a 2014 Accord at the Partridge Run Apartments.

In New Jersey, any kind of theft can result in serious prison time. According to N.J.S.A. 2C:20-3, theft of movable property is a third degree felony if the value of the property taken exceeds $500. A conviction for third degree theft of movable property can lead to a term of imprisonment of between three and five years in state prison.

Parsippany police have asked for the public’s assistance with the investigation. Anyone with information about any of these incidents or knowledge of suspicious activity near the apartment complexes around the time of the thefts should call officers at 973-263-4341.

To learn more about this investigation, see the article entitled “Someone’s Stealing Wheels Off New Honda Accords in Parsippany, Cops Say.


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