Morristown NJ Theft ChargesA Morris County, NJ grand jury recently indicted a Somerset County judicial employee who was accused of stealing more than $135,000 from a deceased woman.

The 59-year-old Old Bridge, NJ man allegedly stole $135,517 and tried to get away with another $430,600 in pension, life insurance, and retirement benefits from the victim shortly after she passed away in 2013. The defendant, who was an administrative supervisor, worked with the woman.

According to authorities, the defendant tried to make himself the beneficiary on the woman’s life insurance and pension benefits shortly after her death was reported on July 8, 2013. When the New Jersey Division of Pension Benefits denied the requested change, the defendant still allegedly transferred more than $135,000 from the woman’s deferred retirement account into his personal account.

The defendant was suspended without pay after being accused of the theft.

A grand jury, sitting in the Morris County Superior Court in Morristown, NJ, indicted the defendant on charges of theft by deception and attempted theft by deception. The case was transferred from Somerset County to Morris County.

In New Jersey, theft by deception is governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:20-4. As set forth by the statute, theft of more than $75,000 is considered a second degree criminal offense. The suspect in this case could be subject to a term of imprisonment of 10 years if he is ultimately convicted.

For more information, access the article entitled “Court Employee Indicted for Allegedly Stealing from Woman Moments after She Died.


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