Florham Park Burglary LawyerFlorham Park police are searching for a burglar who allegedly broke into a local home and stole expensive jewelry and electronics.

Police in Florham Park NJ received a report about a home burglary on Birch Lane in Florham Park. When police officers got to the residence, they investigated the reported burglary and looked for signs of a break-in.

Police spoke with the homeowner and learned that she was away from her residence all day. The homeowner told officers that when she got home, she saw that the rear door had been forced open. Once inside, the homeowner saw that several rooms in the house had been ransacked.

Additionally, the homeowner told police that several of her possessions had been taken. The missing items included three laptop computers, a 50-inch plasma television, and a number of expensive pieces of jewelry.

Although Florham Park detectives have not identified a suspect in the burglary, they are actively investigating the incident.

If a suspect is identified and apprehended, they will be subject to serious penalties. That’s because a conviction for third degree burglary could net the offender a sentence of 3–5 years in NJ State Prison.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to contact Florham Park detectives at 973-377-2200.

To learn more, see the NJ.com article entitled “Burglars Ransack Florham Park Home, Steal Jewelry, Laptops, Television.”


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