Franklin Borough NJ Forgery AttorneysFranklin Borough police recently arrested a man accused of forging checks from the Franklin Board of Education so that he and a couple other men could steal money.

According to authorities, the suspect was part of a fraud scheme targeting the Franklin Board of Education. The suspect’s role in the illegal scheme was allegedly to create counterfeit check and then give those checks to two other men to deposit in Chase banks in Manhattan, New York. The suspect reportedly had access to a valid check issued to a relative, which he then used to create several fake checks.

The suspect allegedly forged a total of nine checks and stole in excess of $8,000.

Police started an investigation into the suspect last month after a Chase worker alerted law enforcement to suspicious activity at a Chase bank branch.

The suspect is a 28-year-old man from Franklin Borough, NJ. He faces numerous criminal charges, including forgery, theft by deception, criminal stimulation, and conspiracy.

The other two suspects hail from the Bronx in New York. Although they have yet to be criminally charged, NYC prosecutors expect to file criminal charges shortly.

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