Franklin New Jersey Walmart Shoplifting SuspectsPolice in Franklin NJ are looking for four suspects accused of stealing $2,000 worth of electronic items from a local Walmart store.

According to authorities, the four suspects entered the Walmart store on January 4. Once inside the store, the suspects reportedly got a shopping cart and started to place expensive items into it. Among the items allegedly stolen by the suspects were a Nintendo Wii U, an Xbox One, and multiple video games.

After the suspects got all of the items into the cart, they exited the store without paying for anything. According to police, the stolen merchandise has a total retail value of roughly $2,000.

Investigators believe that the same four suspects also attempted to take $3,000 worth of electronic merchandise from the Walmart store around Christmas. However, the suspects were unsuccessful on that occasion; store security guards reportedly stopped the suspects at the exit and prevented them from getting away with the stolen items.

The Franklin Police Department is actively investigating the most recent theft at the Walmart.

If investigators are able to identify and catch the suspects, they could be subject to significant criminal charges like shoplifting and theft of movable property. N.J.S.A. 2C:20-3 classifies the theft of movable property valued at $500 or more as a third degree criminal offense. A conviction for third degree theft could result in a sentence of 3–5 years in NJ State Prison.

Franklin NJ police have asked the public to assist in identifying the suspects. Anyone who has information about the suspects or either theft incident is asked to contact Franklin detectives at 973-827-7700.


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