Franklin Township NJ Auto TheftFranklin Township NJ police are searching for a man who allegedly attacked a man and stole an SUV by ramming it through a closed garage door.

The strange series of events began when a 58-year-old woman called police to report that her purse had been stolen. The woman told officers that she had been exiting a supermarket at the Somerset Plaza when a man approached her and snatched her purse.

Later that night, the woman made plans to have the locks on her residence doors changed because she feared that the robber might have access to the home. Those fears proved well-founded when the suspect allegedly showed up at her house and confronted her 32-year-old son in the garage.

According to authorities, the suspect assaulted the woman’s son by striking him on the head and body with a blunt object. When the victim’s mother screamed, the suspect apparently got scared and fled on his bicycle. However, remarkably, the suspect later returned to the garage and stole the woman’s 2011 burgundy RDX Acura.

In order to make his escape, the suspect allegedly slammed the vehicle into the garage door. As a result, police say, the stolen SUV probably has extensive damage to the roof.

The woman’s son was later taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. Thankfully, he was released after being treated.

If the suspect is eventually apprehended, he could be charged with auto theft and aggravated assault, in addition to other charges. In New Jersey, auto theft is governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:20-3, the state’s general theft statute. As set forth by the statute, theft of an automobile is a third degree felony that is punishable by up to five years in NJ State Prison.

Franklin Township police have asked that anyone with information about the suspect please contact them at 732-873-2300.

For more information, see the article entitled “Cops: Purse-Snatcher Showed Up at House, Attacked Man, Rammed SUV through Garage Door.


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