Morristown NJ Robbery AttorneysPolice in Morristown NJ arrested a 20-year-old man for allegedly dialing 911 and filing a false report about an armed robbery.

According to authorities, the suspect called 911 from his cell phone and told a dispatcher that he had just been robbed by a man at gunpoint while walking in the area of Abbett Avenue and Ridgedale Avenue. Morristown and Morris Township officers were then dispatched to the scene.

When officers got to the area, they detained a 25-year-old Victory Gardens man who matched the description given to the 911 dispatcher. However, the officers could not locate the man who called 911.

During the investigation, one of the officers saw a man walking on the street and talking on a cell phone. When the officer later saw the same man in the area, the officer investigated further.

After speaking with the man, the officer determined that the man was the person who called 911 earlier. Moreover, the officer determined that there had, in fact, been no armed robbery.

Authorities now believe that the suspect had a verbal dispute with the man who initially detained by police; he subsequently called 911 to make the false report.

The suspect was arrested and charged with creating a false public alarm. 

To learn more about this case, view the article entitled “Man Charged with Falsely Reporting Armed Robbery in Morristown.”


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