Morristown Auto Theft ChargesPolice in Montclair NJ arrested a man who allegedly stole a BMW from a luxury car dealership and then tried to elude police who were in pursuit.

According to police, the theft occurred during the early morning hours when the 34-year-old suspect took a black BMW 428i from BMW of Morristown. The car dealership is located on Ridgedale Avenue in Morristown, New Jersey.

The suspect allegedly took the BMW while workers from the dealership were preparing to deliver it to a customer.

Shortly after the alleged theft, employees contacted local law enforcement. The police department then issued a statewide alert to all New Jersey police departments.

The alert proved worthwhile when a couple of Montclair police officers spotted the vehicle a few hours later. According to police, the officers saw the BMW in the parking lot at Lackawanna Plaza on Bloomfield Avenue.

The police officers carefully approached the driver and tried to place him under arrest. When the suspect allegedly ran away, the officers gave chase; a short time later, the suspect was subdued.

Police said that the suspect resisted arrest and would not allow the officers to place handcuffs on him.

After finally being placed under arrest, the suspect was charged with receiving stolen property and resisting arrest. Additionally, the suspect could face charges for auto theft.


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