Roxbury New Jersey Racketeering LawyersAuthorities recently arrested five men accused of committing credit card theft and other fraud offenses in Roxbury, NJ.

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office spent three months investigating the suspects and eventually determined that criminal charges should be brought against them. The suspects allegedly committed crimes when they obtained money in an amount greater than $500,000.

One suspect, a 61-year-old man, is the owner of Smiles II, a go-go bar located in Roxbury, NJ. The other suspects in the racketeering and fraud case include a 23-year-old Montclair NJ man, a 28-year-old male from Edgewater, a 47-year-old Succasunna man, and a 71-year-old man from Elizabeth, New Jersey. The 47-year-old Succasunna suspect is believed to be employed as a manager at the Roxbury go-go bar.

According to law enforcement, a sixth suspect in the case has not been apprehended and is still at large.

The suspects were required to make individual appearances in Morris County Superior Court, located in Morristown, so that they could address the criminal complaints against them. They have all been charged with multiple crimes, including racketeering, money laundering, theft by deception, credit card fraud, failing to file state income taxes, and conspiracy.

The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office is handling the criminal case, so the suspects could be in store for severe penalties if they are ultimately convicted on the most serious charges.

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