Roxbury NJ Theft by Deception LawyersA Morris County grand jury indicted a man who used to operate a Roxbury NJ landfill on fraud charges.

The 61-year-old suspect, who resides in Millstone, New Jersey, runs Strategic Environmental Partners. He also formerly served as the operator of the Fenimore Landfill in Roxbury, NJ.

According to Morris County prosecutors, the suspect lied about his financial status and his plans to install a solar facility in order to secure a contract for the landfill site. Authorities said that the suspect’s business was more than $3 million in debt when he applied for the contract, a vastly larger sum that the $600,000 debt he claimed at the time.

Additionally, rather than close the landfill as promised, the suspect allegedly diverted more than $5 million in funds for his own personal use. The fees to operate the landfill were paid to his company, Strategic Environmental Partners, instead of being placed in escrow.

Moreover, the suspect reportedly failed to pay $1.5 million in fees to an engineering firm that had been hired to close the landfill.

The suspect has been charged with several crimes, including money laundering, theft by deception, making false representations for a government contract, and misconduct by a corporate official.

Now the suspect has been indicted by a grand jury. Beyond that, the suspect’s company was also indicted on the same criminal charges.

The suspect will be required to appear in Morris County Superior Court, in Morristown NJ, in so that he can address the charges against him.

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