Morristown NJ Armed Robbery LawyerMorristown police are looking for the suspect in an armed robbery at the Morristown Medical Center.

According to authorities, a man robbed an office inside the medical center’s garage. An email sent by Atlantic Health System, the hospital owner, indicated that no one was harmed during the robbery.

Witnesses said that the robber fled on foot down Madison Avenue.

Following the robbery, the hospital took extra precautions to ensure the safety of hospital patients and staff.

The robbery was the latest in a series of recent theft incidents in Morris County. Since the beginning of May, there have been several armed robberies in the county, including a robbery at gunpoint at the Marriott Fairfield Suites on Route 46 in Parsippany, NJ and a gunpoint robbery at the Rockaway Hotel on Green Pond Road in Rockaway Township, NJ. Police are currently investigating both robberies.

Thus far, authorities have remained tightlipped about any specific details of the hospital robbery, including what was taken during the theft. There are also no details at this time about the robber’s description. Although the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the incident is under investigation, they have not yet released any additional information.

In New Jersey, armed robbery is governed under N.J.S.A. 2C:15-1. As set forth by the statute, robbery can be classified as a first degree crime when the actor uses a handgun. If the suspect in the hospital robbery is apprehended, he could face up to 20 years in New Jersey State Prison.

To learn more about this incident, see the article entitled “Another Armed Robbery in Morris County: Latest Is at Morristown Hospital.


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