Mountain Lakes NJ Theft LawyersA woman from Mountain Lakes NJ was recently indicted on charges of stealing more than $100,000 from her brother and sister.

According to authorities, the 66-year-old suspect took $136,800 from her siblings.

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office Financial Crimes Unit investigated the suspect and determined that she forged her sister’s signature on 10 courtesy checks. The checks were allegedly used to withdraw funds from a line of credit account at a Bank of America in Boonton Township, New Jersey.

After completing the investigation into the suspect’s alleged conduct, Morris County prosecutors filed charges. The suspect has been charged with one count of second degree theft and 10 counts of third degree forgery.

A Morris County grand jury later indicted the suspect on all of the charges. The suspect then appeared in Morris County Superior Court in Morristown for an arraignment. The suspect pleaded not guilty at the arraignment.

If the suspect is eventually convicted on the theft charges, she could face serious penalties. A conviction for second degree theft could result in a sentence of 5–10 years in NJ State Prison.


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