Victory Gardens NJ Auto Theft LawyersNew Jersey State Police is searching for a Wharton New Jersey man accused of stealing a car in Victory Gardens, NJ. The suspect already faces criminal charges in connection with an armed robbery in Dover, New Jersey.

According to Morris County officials, the suspect stole a Toyota Camry parked along South Salem Street in Victory Gardens, New Jersey. The driver of the vehicle was gone on a food delivery at the time of the theft incident.

The suspect, a 30-year-old male who lives in Wharton, NJ, reportedly uses the nickname “Swerve.” NJ State Police recently posted surveillance photographs of the suspect on their Facebook page. The hope is that a member of the public might be able to recognize the suspect and provide police with information.

The suspect currently has pending criminal charges for aggravated assault, robbery, and burglary. A Morris County Superior Court grand jury recently indicted the suspect on the very serious charges.

The suspect is reportedly an ex-convict who has a checkered criminal past that includes a robbery conviction. According to law enforcement, the suspect spent several years behind bars after being convicted of a violent robbery in Morristown in 2005.

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