Parsippany Man Charged with Robbery of Gas Station AttendantLast month, Boonton Township police located and charged a man alleged to have beaten and robbed a gas station attendant.

According to authorities, 23-year-old Parsippany resident James Ross assaulted an attendant at the BP Amoco on West Main Street in Boonton Township. Mr. Ross allegedly hit the attendant several times, threatened the attendant’s life, and demanded money.

After the attack, it is believed that Mr. Ross fled the gas station with as much as $200.00.

Later, the attendant was able to identify Mr. Ross as his attacker. Additionally, a witness of the incident identified Mr. Ross as the attacker.

Mr. Ross was charged with robbery, aggravated assault, and terroristic threats. He was already being held at the Morris County Correctional Facility on unrelated charges.

In New Jersey, robbery is an extremely serious charge. As set forth by N.J.S.A. 2C:15-1, robbery can be classified as either a first degree felony or a second degree felony, depending on the circumstances of the crime. If evidence exists that Mr. Ross purposefully inflicted serious bodily injury on the gas station attendant during the robbery, Mr. Ross could be charged with first degree robbery. If convicted of this charge, Mr. Ross would face up to 20 years in New Jersey State Prison.

After being charged, Mr. Ross remained at the Morris County Correctional Facility, where his bail was set at $100,000.00 with no ten-percent cash option.


For more information, see the article entitled “Man Beat, Robbed Gas Station Attendant, Boonton Cops Say.