Parsippany NJ Robbery LawyerPolice in Parsippany, NJ are investigating a number of recent robberies that may or may not be related.

Police received a report of a robbery at a residence on Beverwyck Road. When officers arrived on the scene, the resident told them that he arrived home to find a mess in his bedrooms, presumably the result of an intruder. Police believe that the burglar probably gained access to the residence through a bathroom window, which they noticed had been pried open.

Police officers questioned witnesses in the area and learned that a two-door gray Pontiac sedan may have been parked near the house at the time of the burglary. According to witnesses at the scene, the vehicle was occupied by two males.

Another theft was reported at a home on Tarn Drive in Parsippany, NJ. When police arrived at the scene, the residents told them that the front and rear doors were open when they returned home. The residents also said that a number of items had gone missing from their bedroom. Police believe that the burglar was able to enter the home through a front window, which was found to have been forcibly opened.

In addition to receiving reports of the home burglaries, Parsippany police also received calls about seven motor vehicles that had been broken into on Cedar Terrace, Wildwood Trail, Hawkins Avenue, and Druid Hill Drive. According to police, all of the vehicles were unlocked when the burglar gained access to them.

In New Jersey, burglary is governed by N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2. As set forth by the statute, burglary is typically a third degree criminal offense. If the suspects in this case are eventually caught and later convicted, they could be sentenced to as many as five years in New Jersey State Prison.

Parsippany police have asked that anyone with information that might help call them at 973-263-4315.

For more information, read the article entitled “Police Seeking Info on Parsippany Burglaries.


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