Parsippany NJ Burglary ChargesPolice in Parsippany NJ are looking into a reported burglary at a local bagel shop.

According to authorities, someone broke into Baldwin Bagels, located on Baldwin road, and made off with money from the store register.

A police officer was dispatched to the scene after police received a report of a theft. The officer spoke with store employees, who told her that they became aware of the theft when they noticed that cash was missing from the register.

It is believed that the burglar gained access to the bagel shop by forcing open a door located in the rear.

Parsippany police is currently conducting an ongoing investigation into the incident.

If the culprit is eventually identified and caught, they could be subject to significant penalties. That’s because burglary and theft of movable property are very serious criminal offenses. For example, burglary is typically classified as a third degree felony. This means that the suspect could be sentenced to 3–5 years in NJ State Prison if he is convicted.

Parsippany police is asking that any members of the public who have information about the suspect or the theft contact detectives at 973-263-4300.

For additional information, see the article entitled “Burglary at Bagel Store Under Investigation by Parsippany Police.”


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