Pequannock New Jersey Burglary ChargesPequannock New Jersey police are looking for a suspect accused of committing a home burglary earlier this summer.

The burglary occurred just before 1:00 a.m. on June 13. According to Pequannock authorities, the suspect broke the lock on a side window and gained access to a house on Munson Drive in Pequannock, NJ.

When the break-in occurred, the residents of the Pequannock NJ home were fast asleep. A burglary alarm was triggered, waking up the homeowners and prompting them to look at their home video surveillance system. They saw the suspect walking through the kitchen and using the light from his cell phone to illuminate the room.

As soon as the suspect heard the burglary alarm, he quickly exited the residence and fled the Pequannock area on foot.

Meanwhile, the homeowners contacted Pequannock NJ police and alerted them to the break-in.

Pequannock NJ police are still investigating the burglary and trying to identify the person who committed the home break-in. Pequannock detectives recently released surveillance photos of the suspect.

If law enforcement is eventually able to identify and capture the suspect, he would likely be charged with burglary. However, since the suspect did not get a chance to steal any items from the home before fleeing the scene, he would likely not be charged with a theft offense like theft of movable property.

Members of the public with information about the break-in should contact Pequannock detectives at 973-835-1700.

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