Vernon New Jersey Robbery AttorneysTwo New Jersey men have been accused of robbing a gas station in Vernon Township, New Jersey.

The suspects allegedly robbed the Lukoil gas station located along Route 515 and Route 94 in Vernon, NJ.

According to authorities, one of the suspects worked at the gas station. The 48-year-old gas station employee allegedly conspired with the other culprit, a 29-year-old man from Highland Lakes, to commit the theft.

Vernon Township police learned of the robbery when a gas station employee flagged down a patrol cop on the night of the theft. The employee told police that a man approached him at the station, brandished a handgun, and ordered him to give him cash.

After the gas station worker handed the suspect an undisclosed amount of money, the suspect reportedly exited the station and fled the area on foot. The suspect allegedly headed toward an awaiting SUV, which sped off. Law enforcement officials believe that that the second suspect in the case was driving the vehicle.

The victim gave investigators a detailed description of the main suspect, which allowed them to identify the man.

Police eventually identified the other suspect and later apprehended both of them. The man who allegedly committed the hold-up was charged with second degree robbery, while the other suspect was charged with third degree theft of movable property.

The Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office is actively investigating the robbery, so there could be additional charges in the case.

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