Hanover New Jersey Theft AttorneysHanover New Jersey police are trying to find a man who allegedly stole at least three motor vehicles in one day.

According to law enforcement officials, the suspect started his crime spree by stealing a 2003 Toyota Camry parked near Halo Pharmaceutical in Hanover, NJ. The vehicle owner was reportedly in the process of unloading boxes from the back of the vehicle when the suspect jumped behind the wheel and drove off.

The suspect has also been accused of stealing two other vehicles – a minivan and a dump truck – in Hanover, NJ.

Remarkably, the suspect also allegedly committed another theft crime that same day by burglarizing a car parked outside a business on Route 10 in Hanover, New Jersey. The suspect allegedly broke into the car and stole an iPad3 and a dash camera, among other items.

Detectives with the Hanover Police Department investigated the theft incidents and reportedly found video surveillance footage that shows the suspect committing the car burglary.

If authorities identify and arrest the suspect, he would probably be charged with multiple counts of auto theft and burglary.

For additional information about this case, read the NJ.com article, “Police in Hanover Looking for Suspect in 3 Vehicle Thefts.”