Parsippany NJ Theft AttorneyParsippany NJ police are looking into an alleged theft at a Route 10 cell tower.

Authorities have determined that thieves entered the facility and took material from several cell phone carriers.

Police officers were first alerted to the possible theft when a wireless technician from AT&T noticed damage to the facility and contacted police. When the worker arrived at the tower to perform general maintenance, he observed damage to the facility, including fifty feet of copper crowding leads that were connected to several utility boxes.

The Parsippany Police Department is currently investigating the theft and attempting to identify suspects. Police have already determined that the culprits probably gained access to the facility by using a ladder to climb a barbed-wire fence.

If the individuals responsible for the theft are caught, they could be charged with theft of movable property. As set forth by the N.J.S.A. 2C:20-3, the severity of the penalties for theft of movable property is determined by the monetary value of the stolen property. In this case, the offenders could be sentenced to between three and five years in state prison if the material taken is valued at more than $500.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to get in touch with Parsippany police at

To learn more, see the article entitled “Parsippany Police: Thieves Steal from, Damage Route 10 Cellular Tower.”


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