Jefferson New Jersey Fraud AttorneysJefferson Township police are looking for a suspect accused of using an ATM skimmer to steal money from at least 20 people with accounts at a local bank.

The suspect allegedly used the device to commit the thefts between December 23, 2016 and January 2, 2017. According to authorities, the suspect placed a hidden electronic device on the exterior of an ATM at the Lakeland Bank branch on Berkshire Valley Road in Jefferson Township, New Jersey. The suspect was able to use the illegal device to access personal information from people with accounts at the bank. When these individuals used their debit cards and bank cards at the ATM, they also left their personal information for the suspect to later access.

With access to the victims’ information, the suspect gained the ability to withdraw cash from several bank accounts. According to law enforcement, at least 20 victims have already been identified. The suspect allegedly stole more than $20K by committing the fraud crimes.

Detectives with the Jefferson Township Police Department are actively investigating the fraud and attempting to figure out the suspect’s identity. If police officers are able to identify and capture a suspect in the case, very serious criminal charges would likely follow. The suspect would probably face criminal charges for theft of movable property and identity theft.

The Jefferson Township Police Department has asked that anyone who used the ATM at the Lakeland Bank branch check out their bank statements and look for suspicious activity.

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