Verona NJ Murder SuspectThe suspect in the killing of a Verona gas station attendant is about to stand trial for a second time after a jury deadlocked in the first trial.

According to prosecutors, Raymond Perry shot and killed the 29-year-old gas station clerk during a robbery in 2009.

Perry and his cousin allegedly stole a car and then went to the Sunoco gas station in Verona, NJ. Prosecutors allege that the pair walked into the station with the intent of robbing the clerk.

When the clerk raised his arms to indicate that he was surrendering, Perry allegedly shot him. According to prosecutors, Petty then fired a second shot when the victim tried to press a panic button underneath a store counter.

Perry’s cousin has already pleaded guilty to committing a number of robberies with Perry. The terms of his plea agreement call for him to serve 28 years in NJ State Prison.

Perry, who is also known as “Tariq Kyam,” was charged with murder in the shooting of the gas station attendant.

After Perry’s first trial resulted in a deadlocked jury, prosecutors refiled the charges against him. Now jury selection has begun for the new trial.

If Perry is convicted of first degree murder, he could be sentenced to life in prison.

To learn more about this case, see the article entitled “Jury Selection Set to Begin for Man Accused of Killing Verona Gas Station Attendant.”


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