Roxbury NJ Men Plead Guilty to Fraud in Newark CourtThe father-and-son owners of a Roxbury NJ bulk mailing business have pleaded guilty to defrauding their clients of roughly $1 million.

68-year-old Harold Clevett and 37-year-old Mark Clevett admitted in U.S. District Court in Newark to destroying customers’ mail instead of having it delivered. The men faced charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

The defendants operate Roxbury-based Clevett Worldwide Mailers, a company that handles large mailings for customers by sorting, addressing, and transporting the mail to the post office. It is alleged that the Clevetts instructed company employees to throw away mail. It is also alleged that the Clevetts used a shredding company to destroy mail.

The scam to defraud customers continued for four (4) years, with roughly three (3) million pieces of mail failing to be delivered.

The Clevetts are scheduled to return to U.S. District Court in Newark NJ for sentencing in December.


For more information about this case, read the article entitled “Owner of Roxbury Bulk Mailing Business, Father Admit to Defrauding $1M from Clients.