Pequannock New Jersey Burglary LawyersPequannock New Jersey police are investigating a recent burglary at a local home.

According to Pequannock officials, the break-in and attempted theft occurred after midnight. The residents of a house located on Munson Drive in Pequannock NJ were asleep in a bedroom when the suspect allegedly entered the residence. It is believed that the suspect broke the lock on a side window in order to gain entry.

The suspect allegedly walked around in the kitchen while using a cell phone light to illuminate his path, making just enough noise to wake up the homeowners. The residents then saw the suspect on their home video surveillance system.

The suspect soon fled the residence, running outside and leaving the area before Pequannock NJ police could arrive.

Pequannock New Jersey detectives are actively investigating the break-in. Investigators have not yet identified the burglary suspect.

Police recently released a description of the suspect: he is described as a tall male who was wearing gloves, sneakers, and a hooded sweatshirt on the night of the burglary.

If Pequannock NJ police can figure out the identity of the suspect, he would probably face criminal charges burglary.

Since the suspect did not steal any items from the home, he would probably not be charged with theft of movable property.

Any members of the public who have information about the burglary or the suspect should contact Pequannock detectives at 973-835-1700.

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