Riverdale NJ Burglary ChargesTwo men were arrested for allegedly stealing flat-screen televisions from an electronics repair shop in Riverdale, New Jersey.

A Riverdale, NJ patrolman saw 23-year-old Alberto Navarro-Cabral and 19-year-old Fernando Navarro-Castillo sitting in a red Mercedes Benz that was parked behind a building at 1 North Corporate Drive. When the officer approached the vehicle and questioned the two men, they provided him with conflicting stories about their reasons for being parked behind the building.

While questioning the men, the officer saw two TVs inexplicably resting on a snowbank behind the vehicle. The officer also saw two TV stands, a screwdriver, and a headband flashlight inside the vehicle.

Police confiscated the two televisions and held Navarro-Cabral and Navarro-Castillo for further questioning. The two men were released from custody while police continued the investigation. Authorities later looked at video surveillance that allegedly showed the two men climbing onto a trailer and removing the television sets.

Police believe that the men took the TVs from CVE, Inc., an electronics repair shop at which one of the suspects used to work. As a result, Navarro-Cabral and Navarro-Castillo have both been charged with burglary, conspiracy to commit burglary, and theft.

In New Jersey, burglary is addressed by N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2. The statute classifies burglary as a third degree felony. In this case, Navarro-Cabral and Navarro-Castillo could each be sentenced to as many as five years in state prison.


To learn more about this case, check out the NJ.com article entitled “Ex-Employee Helps Steal 2 Flat-Screen TVs from Riverdale Electronic Repair Shop, Cops Say.”


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