Parsippany NJ Clown ScaresParsippany New Jersey police have identified the individual who reportedly wore a clown mask and threatened people with a plastic machete outside a local QuickChek.

The scary incident was reported around 10:00 p.m. last Monday. According to Parsippany law enforcement, a teenager donned a clown mask and walked toward several people at the QuickChek on North Beverwyck Road in Parsippany, NJ.

The suspect allegedly frightened a woman and then hid behind the convenience store. Moreover, he allegedly dragged the plastic machete on the ground in order to frighten another person who was standing outside the QuickChek building.

A detective with the Parsippany Police Department was later able to identify the juvenile allegedly behind the clown scare incident. Authorities said that the suspect was trying to frighten people at the Parsippany NJ store.

Parsippany prosecutors have currently declined to bring criminal charges against the suspect because his actions were merely a “misguided prank” and did not pose any kind of real threat to the community.

If prosecutors had pursued charges, the suspect could have faced severe penalties. Depending on the circumstances of the clown scare incidents, he could have been charged with terroristic threats, harassment, and creating a false public alarm.

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