Parsippany Kidnapping LawyerA woman from the Lake Hiawatha section of Parsippany NJ recently got probation after allegedly filing a false report about her own kidnapping.

The 21-year-old suspect allegedly dialed 911 in September and told Parsippany police that she had been kidnapped and locked in the trunk of her vehicle. Moreover, she reportedly said, the kidnappers were going to kill her within 24 hours.

Kidnapping is one of the most serious crimes in New Jersey. However, authorities believe that this kidnapping report was fabricated.

After police received a “missing person” report, they tracked down the suspect’s vehicle at Volunteer’s Park in Lake Hiawatha. When police investigated further, they discovered video surveillance footage which reportedly showed the suspect faking the abduction by climbing into the trunk and closing it on herself.

After discovering the video footage, police charged the suspect with making a false public alarm and making false reports to law enforcement.

Making a false public alarm is classified as a third degree felony in New Jersey. This means that the suspect could potentially be sentenced to 3–5 years in New Jersey State Prison. However, the suspect managed to avoid a prison sentence in this case. When the suspect appeared in Morris County Superior Court in Morristown, she was allowed to enter the Pre-Trial Intervention Program (PTI).

The PTI program is a form of probation which allows defendants to have criminal charges dropped in exchange for meeting certain requirements. As part of the PTI program in this case, the suspect will have to undergo a mental health evaluation and follow any recommendations stemming from that evaluation. She will also be required to perform 25 hours of community service.

If the suspect is able to meet all of the requirements of the PTI program and remains arrest-free for 18 months, the charges will be dismissed.

The terms of the plea deal in this case did not require the suspect to admit guilt.

For more information about this case, access the article entitled “Woman Accused of Faking Her Own Kidnapping Gets Probation.”


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