Chester Township Careless Driving ChargesThe driver of a shuttle bus which struck and killed a 2-year-old girl in Chester Township has been issued a ticket.

The accident happened last month during the fall festival at Alstede Farms, which is located on Route 513 (or Old Route 24) in Chester Township, NJ. The farm site, which is visited by tens of thousands of people annually, has created problems for traffic officers on weekends due to severe traffic jams.

According to witnesses on the date of the accident, two shuttles buses collided in the parking lot at Alstede Farms.

The toddler died when she was caught between the two buses. According to medical examiners, the girl died due to blunt head trauma caused by the crash. Although the young girl was administered CPR at the scene of the accident, she did not survive.

Other victims in the accident included the girl’s mother and a friend of the family. Thankfully, neither of the other victims suffered life-threatening injuries. The girl’s mother broke her femur, while the family shattered her pelvis. Both women were taken by helicopters to the Morristown Medical Center, where they underwent surgery.

The driver of one of the shuttle buses was recently issued a ticket for careless driving. However, there has been no indication that the investigation into the incident has concluded. If the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office determines that the driver acted criminally, he could face criminal charges in Chester Township Municipal Court.

For more information, view the article entitled “Driver Issued Careless Driving Ticket in Chester Crash That Killed 2-Year-Old Girl.”


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