There are many reasons why your driver’s license could be suspended in New Jersey including:

  • A conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI)
  • A conviction for driving while suspended
  • A conviction for driving without insurance
  • A conviction for reckless driving (judge’s discretion)
  • A conviction for speeding (judge’s discretion)
  • Accumulation of 10-12 points on your New Jersey Driver’s License
  • Failure to pay insurance surcharges
  • Failure to appear in court
  • Failure to pay court ordered fines and penalties
  • A conviction for a marijuana or CDS offense

If your license is suspended in New Jersey, you must resolve these outstanding issues and get your license restored at DMV before operating a motor vehicle. This means that you have to wait for your suspension period to expire, pay all outstanding fines and penalties, and pay the $100.00 restoration fee at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to get your license restored.

I have an out of state license: Can New Jersey suspend my privileges?

Many clients have out of State licenses and get suspended in New Jersey. For example, if you are a resident of Pennsylvania and you have a Pennsylvania license and you are convicted of drunk driving in New Jersey, New Jersey can only suspend your driving privileges in New Jersey. New Jersey only has jurisdiction over the driving privileges in this State. However, the Interstate Compact permits New Jersey to notify all surrounding states of your driver’s license suspension in New Jersey. This means that Pennsylvania may be notified of the drunk driving conviction and suspension and may attempt to suspend your license in Pennsylvania as well. Remember though, Pennsylvania would have to send you notice of the suspension and when it will take effect. Until that time (if it ever even happens), your privileges in Georgia are not suspended, only your driving privileges in New Jersey are suspended for the suspension period.

  • annonymous

    Ok, I am going to cut through the chase and put everything out there in one email of pretty much what I want to know and nobody seems to have straight answers on the internet.

    I got a dui in August 2012 while in NJ with my NJ DL where I live and always have, but after the summons and prior to being convicted of Mar 2013 I had gotten a VA DL on Jan 2013. I went to court Mar 2013 and was found guilty on my NJ DL. Its been over one month and my VA dl is still valid. I am moving down there now for a few years. It was my second conviction, the first one was 5 years ago. I was givin 2 yrs suspension and after the 2 yrs, 1 year with a breathalyzer installed, 180 days community service, and 48 idrc
    I am still in nj and not driving, but I did register and insure my car with my VA address.
    My questions are

    1 Will they suspend my VA dl?
    2 If not, will I be allowed to travel (visiting) through NJ within the 2 yrs using my VA DL or would i have to stop driving at state line?
    3 If not allowed to drive in nj but i was to be out of state for the 2 yrs suspended, then came back would I be allowed, or would I never be able to until I reinstated my NJ by fulfilling the the additional 1yr by reregistering my car here and doing the breathalyzer as needed?


    5 Finally, IDRC is that mandatory no matter what above ?, or is that only to be able to reinstate my NJ dl. If I was never to want a NJ DL, would I still need to complete this or would I not need to if I am valid in VA

    I hope this is not too complicated, I just see that you seem to be very informative by your videos. Please let me know the answers to these questions at your earliest connivence
    Thank you

  • Meka

    If my drivers licence is suspended in New Jersey for DUI can I obtain a licence in georgia?

  • It depends on if you can establish residence there, if Georgia has notice of the NJ suspension, etc.

  • malc

    My license got suspended in 09 new jersey for no goin to court I lived n ny since and just moved to pa can I apply for a dl here

  • If you can establish residency there you can apply for a license but if Pennsylvania finds out about your New Jersey suspension they most likely will not issue you a license until you get that resolved.

  • Yari

    I have a PA license and I believe is suspended due to parking tickets. Now I have a NJ license but its expired and I have restored it paid the 100fee. When I go to the DMV can they deny me getting my NJ license. because my PA license is suspended for parking tickets.

  • As long as your license is restored in New Jersey then your NJ license is in good standing and you can drive.

  • pj

    if I have 20 points on my new jersey license and move too Pennsylvania and im driving through new jersey and get stopped and get a point related ticket beings im over 12 points on my new jersey license but I hold a valid clean Pennsylvania license can they suspend my driving privleges in new jersey or Pennsylvania