Kinnelon Traffic Ticket AttorneysKinnelon, New Jersey police are investigating a single-vehicle crash that resulted in a local man sustaining injuries that required hospitalization.

The motorist is a 78-year-old Kinnelon NJ man. According to law enforcement, the motorist was operating a car on Kinnelon Road in Kinnelon when he lost control of the car and left the roadway.

The car crashed into a sign for a business and then came to a stop when it struck a rock.

Kinnelon cops and emergency medical responders soon arrived at the scene of the auto accident, where they discovered the victim in his car. The victim was reportedly in bad shape and had a difficult time maintaining consciousness.

The victim was rushed to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey, where he received urgent medical care for his injuries.

Kinnelon police detectives are currently investigating the auto accident and trying to determine why the motorist lost control of his car. At this time, no traffic citations have been issued in connection with the accident.

Many single-vehicle accidents are also drunk driving accidents caused by an intoxicated driver. However, in this instance, law enforcement does not believe that the motorist was drunk.

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