Hanover NJ Careless Driving LawyersA mail carrier was injured when a Plainfield NJ man crashed into her mail truck in Hanover, NJ.

According to authorities, the 42-year-old suspect was driving southbound in the far right lane on Whippany Road. The suspect reportedly lost control of his car and slammed into the back of the victim’s mail truck, which was parked in the same lane.

At the time of the accident, the 34-year-old postal worker was standing in the truck’s cargo area. She was in the back of the truck because she was trying to organize the mail and shift it around.

Police said that the collision caused the victim to be violently thrown toward the front area of the truck.

Hanover NJ police were immediately notified of the accident. When police officers got to the scene, they saw the victim lying underneath a pile of mail. The victim was reportedly unconscious at the time.

Police and emergency responders helped the victim regain consciousness. She was then transported to a nearby hospital, where she received medical treatment for her injuries. According to authorities, the victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

The man who crashed into the mail truck said that he could not see the truck until the last second because he was “blinded by sun glare.”

Police officers investigated the accident and interviewed witnesses at the scene of the accident in order to determine whether a traffic violation had occurred. Despite the suspect’s explanation, police issued him a summons for careless driving. 


For further information about this case, check out the NJ.com article entitled “Man Who Crashed into Postal Truck in Hanover Given Careless-Driving Summons.”