Vernon NJ Reckless Driving AttorneysPolice in Vernon NJ recently caught a man accused of leading officers on a high-speed pursuit through New Jersey and New York.

According to law enforcement, the 57-year-old Franklin Borough man was driving a 2005 Ford Mustang while being pursued by Vernon NJ patrol officers.

As the suspect allegedly drove at an excessively high speed toward the state line separating New Jersey from New York, the patrol officers alerted police in Warwick New York and asked for assistance in stopping the suspect. Warwick is located roughly 45 miles away from New York City.

Warwick NY police set up spike strips along the road in order to disable the suspect’s car as he drove past them. Sometime after the suspect crossed the state line and entered Warwick, he drove over the spike strips and punctured three tires on his car.

Remarkably, the suspect was still able to drive for another 14 miles on the car’s rims and reach speeds exceeding 75 mph.

The suspect eventually tried to turn around and head back to New Jersey. However, he didn’t make it that far. He lost control of his vehicle somewhere around Route 94 South and Warwick Turnpike. After crashing, the suspect allegedly exited his car and tried to flee the scene on foot.

Police officers from Vernon NJ and Warwick NY were eventually able to capture the suspect with the assistance of a K-9 dog.

After being caught by police, the suspect was taken to a local hospital. He received treatment for injuries sustained as a result of the car accident. Additionally, he got medical treatment for his exposure to the extreme cold weather.

At this time, the suspect has only been charged with reckless driving. However, police are still investigating the case. As a result, the suspect will probably face additional charges in New Jersey.


To learn more about this case, access the article entitled “N.J. Man Led Police on a Two-State Chase While Driving on Rims, Police Say.”