“Click It or Ticket” Campaign Targets Motorists Who Fail to Wear Seat Belts in Morris County, New Jersey

Seatbelt Ticket Lawyers Morristown NJPolice departments throughout Morris County plan to target motorists who fail to wear their seatbelts, beginning this week and running through June 3. This crackdown on seatbelt violators is part of the annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign in NJ, a campaign that calls for law enforcement in Morris County and elsewhere in New Jersey to issue extra traffic tickets to those who violate state and local seat belt laws. The zero-tolerance policy for seatbelt violations is intended to signal to drivers and passengers that it is unacceptable to be in a moving car without wearing a seatbelt. The hope is that the crackdown will result in a significant reduction in fatal traffic accidents.

The campaign to reduce fatal traffic crashes includes an effort by the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety (DHTS) to use social media. The DHTS recently posted a message on the agency’s Twitter account: “Seatbelts are the most important safety feature in your car, and are there for a reason – they could be the difference that saves your life in a crash. Click it or ticket!” The DHTS has noted that motorists who wear seat belts are 75% more likely to survive a car wreck than motorists who fail to wear seat belts.

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Statistics indicate that roughly 94 percent of New Jersey drivers and passengers wear seat belts. However, the motorists who do not buckle up are at a heightened risk of being catastrophically injured, or killed, in a car accident. That’s why NJ police are trying to encourage motorists to “click it” when getting into their motor vehicles. The “Click It or Ticket” campaign has reportedly been effective at reducing serious traffic accidents in previous years. In 2017, for instance, New Jersey police issued almost 17,800 traffic tickets during the two-week campaign, with NJ State Police troopers issuing more than 4,000 of tickets. Moreover, NJ police also issued 6,363 citations for speeding and charged 976 motorists with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) during the 2017 campaign.

A total of eight police departments in Morris County are participating in the DHTS campaign this year: Chatham, Denville, Harding, Kinnelon, Morris Plains, Netcong, Parsippany-Troy Hills, and Rockaway, New Jersey. A total of 173 police departments in Bergen County, Essex County, Sussex County, Warren County, and other counties in NJ are also participating in this year’s “Click It or Ticket” campaign. Most of the police departments will be receiving a $5,500 grant from the state for their participation.

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