Denville NJ Traffic AttorneysDenville NJ police issued traffic citations after a recent auto accident on Route 46 led to serious injuries to one adult and three juveniles.

The car accident happened near the intersection of Route 46 and Crestview Road in Denville, NJ. According to authorities, a 29-year-old Wharton woman was headed westbound on the highway a short time before 8:00 p.m. when she suddenly swerved across the double yellow lines in the center of the roadway and entered the other side of the highway.

A 17-year-old Lincoln Park NJ resident was unable to avoid colliding with the other motor vehicle.

The two-car collision resulted in serious injuries to both drivers. Additionally, two teenage passengers in the second car were injured. All four car crash victims were taken to local hospitals and treated for their injuries.

Denville Police Department detectives investigated the auto accident and issued multiple traffic tickets to the Wharton NJ woman for reckless driving and failure to maintain lane.

Denville NJ police also issued a traffic ticket to the teenage motorist because he allegedly exceeded the passenger limit for a driver with a provisional license.

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