A Kinnelon man has had a tough month. His car was burglarized several weeks ago along with twelve (12) other vehicles earlier this month. Then, he returned home over the weekend to find his home had been damaged after a failed burglary attempt. Police found shoe prints in the snow leading up to a rear window that had been smashed in and pried open. Luckily, nothing was missing from the home. According to police, it did not appear than anyone had actually made it into the house. Police ask that anyone with information contact the Kinnelon police department at 973-838-5400.

Burglary merely requires the entering of a structure with the purpose to commit a crime inside. As a result, burglary can be of a car or a home, even though most people think of burglary as only pertaining to homes. As long as the defendant entered the vehicle with the purpose of stealing something from the vehicle, this constitues burglary in New Jersey. Further, no force or breaking and entering is necessary to sustain a burglary charge. The act of opening a door to a home or vehicle without permission or authority to do so and with purpose to commit a crime inside, whether it be a theft, assault, etc., constitutes burglary in New Jersey.

For additional information, please see my burglary page and the statute under N.J.S.A. 2C:18-2.