Judge Robert Gilson denied the defense’s motion to dismiss the indictment against Kashif Parvaiz, accused of conspiring with a female friend to kill his wife in August 2011. The Judge denied the defense’s motion to dismiss the 17 count indictment which includes murder, conspiracy, weapons charges, and child endangerment. The defense argued that the State failed to enter potentially exculpatory evidence during the grand jury proceeding and that the State failed to determine if the grand jurors were biased or partial based on the amount of media coverage of the case prior to the presentation for the indictment.

The 27-year-old defendant is charged with hiring his female friend to shoot his wife, a shooting in which he himself was also shot. He also may have been involved in the shooting of his wife as two different caliber bullets were found in her body.

For additional information, please see the NJ.com article entitled, “Judge refuses to dismiss indictment against husband accused in Boonton killing”.