A teenage victim of an alleged gang rape in Morristown testified earlier this weekend regarding the alleged attack. This hearing was held in the Family Division of the Morris County Superior Court in Morristown, New Jersey before Judge Michael Paul Wright. She testified that, after drinking a 20-ounce water bottle filled with an alcoholic beverage, she took a couple steps and fell straight to the floor. The next thing she remembered, she woke up with one of the two defendants on top of her. The 17-year-old victim testified at a probable cause hearing. The State is trying to have the two juvenile defendants waived up to be tried as adults in the criminal division. Both defendants were seventeen (17) at the time of the alleged incident in September 2011 but they are now nineteen (19). A third defendant, a nineteen (19) year old at the time of the incident, is already be tried as an adult. All three defendants are charged with aggravated sexual assault for the alleged gang rape. According to the Star Ledger article, the alleged victim waited eight (8) months before reporting the incident in May 2012.

For additional information, please see the Star Ledger article entitled, “Alleged victim of teen gang rape describes passing out from alcohol before assault”.