New Jersey State Troopers Arrest Alabama Fugitive Who Allegedly Possessed Loaded Handgun and Drugs

Handgun Possession Attorney Riverdale NJNJ State troopers recently apprehended an Alabama man who was allegedly a fugitive and wanted by law enforcement. The suspect is Corey Shane Cagle, a 41-year-old man from Centre, Alabama. According to New Jersey authorities, Cagle was involved in a multi-car accident on Route 287 in Riverdale, NJ. New Jersey State troopers responded to the scene, found Cagle, and ran a computer check on him. That’s when they reportedly learned that he was wanted by authorities in Alabama on drug charges.

According to criminal complaints filed in Morris County, NJ, a New Jersey State trooper searched Cagle’s Dodge Ram 3500 and came across marijuana and prescription painkillers in a jar. Police also reportedly discovered a loaded Smith & Wesson Model 438 .38-caliber revolver in the car. (The gun was reportedly loaded with ammunition: Hornady Critical Defense .38-caliber hollow point bullets.) When Cagle was searched at police headquarters, police allegedly found him carrying marijuana rolling papers.

Severe Penalties for Criminal Weapons Offenses in Riverdale, NJ

Cagle has been charged with a number of crimes in both New Jersey and Alabama. It is likely that Cagle will have to face the consequences of his Riverdale criminal charges before possibly being extradited to Alabama to stand trial on the other charges. The NJ criminal charges include unlawful possession of a weapon, possession of hollow point bullets, simple possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia possession, and illegal prescription drug possession.

Although Cagle’s status as a fugitive probably meant that he was not licensed to carry the handgun in Alabama, even a valid carry permit from Alabama would not have mattered in New Jersey. That’s because NJ applies its own laws to residents and out-of-state visitors. A person without a handgun permit for New Jersey will be subject to criminal weapons charges, including harsh penalties set forth by the NJ Graves Act. Those penalties can include minimum mandatory prison sentences for gun crime offenders.

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