Parsippany New Jersey Criminal LawyersParsippany-Troy Hills residents got quite a scare when an explosive device recently went off on a local street.

A number of residents in a Parsippany neighborhood dialed 911 shortly after 9:00 p.m. and alerted the Parsippany-Troy Hills Police Department to a loud noise triggered by an explosion. When Parsippany NJ police officers arrived in the neighborhood, they quickly located evidence of an explosive device. The remnants of the explosive device were found near the intersection of Allentown Road and Marmora Road, with law enforcement officials later describing the device as “rudimentary” and “small.”

The good news is that no one appeared to be in the area of the device when it exploded, so there were no injuries to report.

Parsippany authorities are investigating the explosion, but law enforcement is not yet providing many details about their investigation into the incident.

If and when investigators are able to determine the identity of the person, or persons, who set off the explosion, that individual would likely have to answer a lot of questions. Depending on the circumstances, it is possible that the person responsible for the explosive device going off will be criminally charged with threat crimes and/or weapons offenses and face significant penalties.

Any members of the public with information about the explosion are asked to contact Parsippany detectives NJ at 973-263-4311 or to call the Morris County CrimeStoppers tip line at 973-COP-CALL.

To learn more about this incident, access the New Jersey News 12 article, “Police Probe Explosive Device Detonated in Parsippany-Troy Hills.”