Linden NJ Animal Cruelty SuspectLinden NJ police arrested a man accused of performing a disturbing ritual sacrifice at an area cemetery.

According to police, the suspect, a Wharton NJ man, killed and then mutilated a number of live chickens at Rosehill Cemetery on Route 1&9 in Linden.

The suspect allegedly used machetes to decapitate the chickens. He then reportedly smeared chicken blood on several headstones at the gravesite. Afterwards, the suspect left the scene in his car.

Authorities believe that the shocking acts were part of a ritual sacrifice being performed by the suspect.

Police analyzed the messy scene and, after a weeklong investigation determined the identity and whereabouts of the alleged perpetrator.

The suspect was later placed under arrest and charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and animal cruelty.

The suspect posted $25,000 bond sometime after being booked; he was released with an order to return for a scheduled court date in Union County Superior Court.

To learn more about this incident, read the article entitled “Man Who Decapitated Chickens in Ritual at Cemetery Arrested, Linden Police Say.”


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